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2022年4月22日 News in the business hours

The business hours, the last call has been closed at 21:00 at 20:00.
An alcoholic beverage is offered.
Thank you.

2022年1月22日 News of reduction of business hours

The closing time is 20:00 from January 21.

2021年12月3日 News at New Year’s

It’s a holiday on 12/31 Friday-on 1/2 Sunday.

2021年4月12日 News of change of business hours

The business hours were changed by 20:00 (last call 19:00) until May 12 from Monday, April 12.

2021年1月8日 covid-19

The zakuro hours will be 11:00-20:00 until Friday, January 8, 2021-Sunday, February 7, 2021.

2020年12月29日 News at New Year’s

Of New Year’s business, you’re showing the way.

It’ll be the last business within the year on Tuesday, December 29.

You’re absent from a store for 31 days on January 1 on December 30.

Business of the new year will be January 2, 2021.
11:00- 21:00(L.O20:00)

Thank you.

2020年5月26日 About a belly dancing show.

A belly dancing show is suspended for a while.

2020年4月16日 Due to COVID-19

we will closed

16th April 2020 ~ 16th May 2020

we’re looking forward to seeing again.

thank you.

2020年4月1日 Service of SHISHA has ended.

The service a regulation saves and by which it’s SHISHA has ended from 4/1.

2019年11月17日 News in a holiday

A ZAKURO restaurant on Wednesday, November 20 is a holiday.