Customer’s question

Is it possible by a group to come to the store and order an all-you-can-eat course and the a la carte menu separately?
All the members order a group of all-you-can-eat course, please.
Is a box lunch being delivered?
It’s possible in case of neighborhood.
Are there any privileges on a birthday?
I’ll prepare a birthday cake.
Is it all right to bring a child there?
It’s OK of course.
It’s possible to prepare special for the menu composition for children and for children worried about allergy.
Can I smoke in the store?
Yes. It’s a smoking seat of all seats in the store.
Will a takeout of a dish be done?
I can bring all offered dishes back basically, so give me the voice account casually.
Is it also put in a store by itself?
It’s OK of course.。There are many customers who will come to the store with one person time until around 18 o’clock, too.
Can a store be reserved?
The use by a reservation is also possible. You’re using a continuation of the party of many people’s farewell and welcome party and wedding by various scenes.
It’s possible to prepare special by the kind of events, so please consult any time.
Further, please inform me of reserved reservation by one week before.
Does it require the service charge?
It doesn’t require the service charge.But, for a dance show, it costs 550 yen as a charge charge after 19:30.
Even if I don’t make a reservation, can I enter the store?
When even reservation pear is available, you can enter the store.。A weekend and a dinnertime are crowded, so after making a reservation, please come to the store.。
Is there a regular day off?
There are no regular days off.I sometimes receive a good sleep several times a year.I’ll inform you of the case by a home page and SNS.
Is there a parking lot?
There is no parking lot for specific users, so please use transportation.。A pay parkingsee this, please.
Don’t you know the location of the store well?
I go out of the Nippori station western exit, and that I’m walking Yanaka cemetery to the left side straight for about about 3 minutes while seeing, “sunset glow, gradually”, there are called stairs, so I come down the stairs, and there are us on the right side right now.When not understanding, please call a store any time.