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2016年8月16日 ZAKURO Restaurant HP renewal

The pomegranate restaurant of the site was renewed public.
URL Along with this has been changed.
The new URL is “ http://nippori-zakuro.com/ “.
Thank you in the future.

2016年7月16日 Lamp house site renewal

lamp house site that pomegranate is operated by renewed !
Lamp house has operated daily in the Ginza shopping district Yanaka. Please come and need to make your only original mosaic lamps.

lamp house

2016年7月12日 We are looking for staff

Now, in the restaurant pomegranate we are looking for the staff!
Please check the “page of Careers” for more information.

2015年9月12日 Hexagonal lamp stock

Presence pat hexagonal lamp has appeared! Height 73cm, price offers the yen 18000 of shock. As soon as possible! ! !