Bellydance Show start 8 p.m. every night.

Since great Dancers of ZAKURO dances, please come to see.
In ZAKURO, another Mr. Dancer announces SHOW every day.
Mr. Dancer and others has rich individuality! Different SHOW can be enjoyed even if it comes every day.
And Mr. Ali who heaps up a place with Mr. Dancer.
If caught by Mr. Ali, please dance obediently! Please come to see.

Show Schedule

  • Nouriah
  • 1st,2nd,4th,5th Monday


    Since 2005, learn to belly dance than SHALA.
    Belly dance of flexibility, is fascinated by the depth, investigation in the Egyptian style in the current teacher Kazumi Hosokawa group!
    Love overseas wandering and ethnic culture, learn to belly dance in Turkey and Egypt.
    Do not forget the ambition every day, are dancing the oriental style.

  • AY
  • 3rd Monday&1st,4th Tuesday&1st Wednesday


    We are allowed to dance on the second and fourth Wednesday.
    Dance-named (Ay) refers to the moon in Turkish.
    Bellydance Studio Seni Seviyorum Supervision.
    Show production of the stage along with the lessons at their own school, choreography mainly dealt with, many appeared in the restaurant shows and events.
    While expressing the belly dance beauty seems specific to women, bright and fun, person who look will do my best so that you can show such that want to dance together.

  • 2nd Tuesday


    Fascinated by feminine dance of belly dance start belly dancing.
    BAKHTAVAR belly dance school instructor at akonet studio & photos in Ikebukuro.
    zakuro other, and dancing in a variety of events.

  • kei
  • 3rd Tuesday


    Musical technical school after graduation, enrolled in the troupe youth seat, then stand on a number of the stage as an actor for six years at the theater company poplar.After resigning, Danae nurses of the original, the stage as a belly dancer, appeared in and restaurants show!

  • SAYO
  • 2nd,4th,5th Wednesday&4th Thursday&4th Friday


    Michie studied under Mr..
    Bellydance Ishtar presided over.
    It appeared, such as the large number of events and restaurants short one. Playing an active part in the Freedom of genres.

  • NONO
  • 1st,2nd,3rd,5th Friday


    Fascinated by the Oriental dance that can represent all women of life, he studied in 2005, LUNA.Baris Oriental Dance belongs instructor
    LUNA Produce performance team TOKYO WARDA member. Gypsy Arab Jazz progressive manner multinational folk music style jazz rock band Polonets in charge of the dance.At the same band, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government official 13th Heaven Artist license acquisition.
    Activities in a variety of scenes, such as live house and street performers. Cherish “sincerely Bubbly dance”, day-to-day training in.
    Winds from Nile folklore department groups Competition winner.

  • Every Saturday


    The belly dancer which loves a Latin dance.
    The Spanish residence age,a local gypsy and a deep exchange, belly dance is mastered.
    The Latin song and step by which it’s for Brazil and REGETON, curry favor much.a show on Saturday is livened happily brightly.

  • NAHO
  • Every Sunday


    Driven into the classical ballet from childhood, who is also lecturer from the 17-year-old.
    Seeking self-expression by the dance, to study a variety of dance, such as Japanese dance and flamenco, meets a belly dance in Morocco.
    2008, studied under Ahmet Ogren in Turkey, to learn the Turkish Roma dance.As a dance based on the foundation has attracted many fans from children to the elderly.
    Lotus dance Laboratory representative.

  • Occasionally


    Wednesday in charge of the 1.3.5 odd days
    I started belly dancing in 2000, after experiencing Turkish, American, and driver Lumpur, currently has the Egyptian style instructs the Almaz of Cairo.
    Chiba, is active in Tokyo neighborhood has a class in Ibaraki.